9 Common Sales Prospecting Email Mistakes to Avoid

February 20, 2020 Gloria Kopp

Email is one of the most common tools B2B sales and go-to-market teams use to communicate with their audience. But even the most experienced among us fall into bad email habits that can compromise the success of our email outreach. 

Don't miss any opportunities - Avoid these nine common sales email prospecting mistakes at all costs! 

#1 - Weak Subject Line 

The first element of your email that anybody sees is the subject line, so you'll need to make sure that you're perfecting the art of writing them. You'll want to make sure that your subject lines stand out from the rest in your prospect's inbox and fits perfectly into the inbox window.

Some email subject line tips, thanks to Constant Contact:

  • Keep it short
  • Remove spammy-sounding words ("free," "buy now," "100%," etc.)
  • Ask open-ended questions 

#2 - Unclear Call to Action

Every single sales prospecting email that you send needs to include a clear and easily identifiable call to action. Otherwise, how is your potential customer going to know where to go next to start their customer journey? 

"Regardless of whether the reader is going to your website, giving you a call or heading over to your social media channels, make sure that your email's call to action is clear and precise." - Anne Gould, Sales Manager, Uktopwriters

#3 - Not Analyzing Your Past Email Campaign

Of course, in theory, there are infinite ways you could approach a sales prospecting email. It would be  unwise for a business to choose a format and then use it for every email sent out. Every client or potential customer should be approached  in a different way since every business has different needs and requirements.

It’s vital that you include a tracking code in your emails to make sure that they  are being opened and read. This is a great way to see which subject lines, email content, etc.  work best and that can be implemented in campaigns for future prospects. If you’re short on ideas, you can invest in email copywriting services like Paper Fellows to help.

#4 - Failure to Include Benefits

We see a lot of emails that tout product features or services. While this may be interesting to the seller, it doesn't tell the prospective buyer what benefit they'll get out of it.

Don't confuse features with benefits! Product features, specifications, and details are good information when a prospect is comparing products...but chances are, your buyer isn't quite there yet. Benefits solve a buyer problem and give them a reason to buy by. 

To translate features into benefits, ask "So what?" For example:

Feature: A new compliance software tool can automate document signing.

Benefit: Legal and procurement teams can save time and ensure each contract has signatures from all parties.

#5 - Writing Too Much Content  

How many emails do you receive daily? Probably quite a lot. Now, how many of those emails do you read from start to finish? Probably a small percentage. The recipient of your email is in the same situation, so it’s important that you bear this in mind when writing your emails.

You’ll want to make sure that your emails are short, easily digestible and concise, allowing the reader to breeze through the email, quickly absorbing the information they need before deciding on whether to continue. 

This means writing short sentences, which can be monitored using tools like Easy Word Count, or by editing your existing text using a professional editing service like Essay Roo.

#6 - Not Addressing the Recipient by Name

So, you’ve taken the time to research a business and determine who the decision maker is . One of the biggest mistakes you can make now is not addressing that person by their actual name.

Not doing so ensure that your emails feel impersonal, unconnectable and somewhat generic, always resulting in a lack of ROI.

#7 - Grammatical Errors 

Let’s imagine that you’re reading through an email you received from a company and you quickly realize that it’s full of mistakes, such as typos, spelling errors, misplaced punctuation, bad English, etc. Are you then going to jump on their call to action to make a purchase or find out more? Probably not.

Poorly written emails are a sure-fire way to damage the reputation and credibility of your business, so check your email content to ensure it’s perfect and error-free.

You can do this easily by using another pair of eyes to read through your content, or by using professional proofreading services or writing guides, much like Ukwritings or State of Writing.

#8 - Lack of Readability 

Hand in hand with the mistake  above, it’s vital that you check and re-check the readability of your emails before sending them.  This means checking through to make sure the grammar of your writing is perfect, ensuring that your reader has the best experience.

You can check the grammar effectively using professional grammar checking tools, such as Grammarix or Boomessays. If your reader is having a hard time processing your email, it will simply end up in the trash folder.

#9 - Incorrect Information

You’re bound to check the contact information of your recipient to ensure that your emails reach the right people, but how often do you check your own contact information? 

Have you misspelled your email address, phone number, or website? If so, t becomes basically impossible for your potential client to get in touch and you’ll have lost a sale. After all, who has time to research and track down a business who can’t be bothered to use the right contact details in the first place.


While emails are still one of the most common forms of B2B communications, your sales emails will only be effective if you use them properly. Avoid these common mistakes, and you can be sure that you’ll connect with your prospects to generate quality sales.

Featured Image Source: Email Concept with Laptop and Girl Hands by Who Is Danny Shutterstock

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