7 Online Tools to Help You Write Outstanding Sales Emails

February 11, 2020 Laura Buckler

Email: Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: it is an important part of the sales process. Email is one of the best tools you have to nurture prospects, promote your products or services, and keep your brand top-of-mind. 

Effective sales emails, however, are not always easy to write. Sales emails may come across as being too self-promotional with little to no personalization.. And sometimes they are too long or the language isn’t an appropriate fit for the recipient.     

Fortunately, there are tools to help you craft a better sales email. Here are 7 awesome tools that get you on the right track when you’re struggling. 


Keeping your leads and contacts organized is an important part of the sales process. HubSpot has its own customer relationship management (CRM) solution that offers various features to help you organize, track, and nurture your leads. And it’s free! 

Hubspot can also help you with your email campaigns. It allows you to create personalized emails and set up a convenient delivery schedule. You can also turn repetitive emails into templates, saving yourself a lot of time in the future. Additionally, with HubSpot, you can track when a prospect opens an email or downloads an attachment, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign. 


A sales rep has to do a lot of research before writing emails and reaching out to leads. They need to know which accounts make the best targets, who is the best person to contact at a specific company, what that contact’s email address is, and so much more. That’s one reason why the process of composing effective sales emails can be so complicated. 

Datanyze is a great tool that makes this part of the process easier. Datanyze’s Insider Chrome Extension, for example, shows you valuable, high-level company information, such as revenue, tech spend, employees, and so much more. You are also able to create a list of new contacts complete with social and lead information along with email addresses.
You get valuable information that can positively affect the effectiveness of your email message all with the click of a button.   

If No Reply 

This Gmail plugin is a sales prospector's dream: Built to send from Gmail with no additional software to learn, If No Reply lets you easily create drip campaigns, automate followup with a host of send rules, and personalize messages (if you want to). You can also create and save templates as well as entire email sequences.

Similar to sales automation and engagement tools like Outreach, Salesloft, or Yesware, If No Reply is a cost-effective way to stay on top of email sales communication.

Just Not Sorry

The language you use in emails matters a lot. When writing a sales email, you want to use clear and convincing language to show you are confident in your product and yourself. (Saying “I think this product will help you” doesn’t sound too confident, does it?) 

Just Not Sorry is a Gmail plug-in that helps you stay away from this language pattern. It warns you about the words that undermine and weaken your message (like think, just, and sorry), so you can exchange them with more convincing and confident expressions. 

Image Source: Just Not Sorry

Hemingway Editor

Do you know why so many book lovers adore Hemingway? His distinct, straightforward, and clean style grabs them from the very first sentence. He uses language that is simple and complex at the same time and goes straight to the point with wild exactness. 

And that’s how sales emails should be, too! Deliver your message without circling around. Tell your readers exactly what they can expect if they purchase your product or service. Explain why they must take that action and what they will get from it. 

So how do you develop this email writing style? Hemingway Editor will help. It highlights complex and complicated phrases that dilute your message, passive voice, and much more.     


Follow-up messages are a crucial part of the sales process. Prospects may read your email but then prolong the decision-making process. During that time, they may soon forget about your email, and receive an email from a competitor who might then attract them. You can help prevent this from happening by sending friendly follow-up messages.

Rebump is a Gmail extension that automatically sends follow-up emails for you. They will be customized to appear as if you wrote them yourself. It monitors email threads and sends follow-ups when there’s no response. 


So now you have different tools to help you craft an outstanding sales email. But what if you need help writing the actual message? That’s where a service like Essays.ScholarAdvisor can help. This service allows you to collaborate with professional writers and editors. A writer can help you from the very start composing the message. They will work under your instructions so you’ll get focused, quality content. If you already have the content and it only needs to be cleaned up, you can hire an editor. In the end, you’ll get convincing content that leads your potential clients to conversions.  

It is not always easy for sales reps to get their email opened and message heard in such a competitive market.  Fortunately, there are great tools to help you develop an effective and solid sales email campaign.

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