6 AI Tools That Are Changing B2B Sales

March 19, 2018 Richard Meadow

B2B sales have changed dramatically over the past few years and are becoming more efficient than ever before. Companies are looking for ways to attract and keep top talent. Employees are receiving better training. Artificial intelligence is being introduced to make work days more organized and communication between teams and customers more clearly. Here are 6 AI tools that will help your B2B sales teams succeed. 


Nudge.ai is a tool that gives teams insights into their target customers. It uses AI and machine learning to find news and social updates on both individual and account levels so teams can build a stronger relationship with prospects (including the key decision makers). Other features include programs to enhance workflow through a Chrome extension, Salesforce integration, and Slack bots.


People.ai helps teams close more sales on bigger business with greater visibility. By collecting sales activity, People.ai shows where sales teams are spending their time and then use that information to identify lifeless deals. It offers early alerts about deals that are slowing down, then creates a path to success for every opportunity, including sales training and advice.. People.ai also follows sales reps’ activity and records what makes the top performer great and shares this information with the rest of the team.


A simple and perfectly efficient technology, x.ai is a personal assistant who schedules your meetings. x.ai eliminates back and forth discussions about when and where to have a meeting and plans meetings around everyone’s schedules. The tool just needs to be added to the email exchange.  It is efficient and easy to use. 

Crystal Knows

Crystal gathers information to create a personality profile about everyone a sales rep encounters, including customers and coworkers. It w outlines important information found on platforms such as LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. Crystal assesses the personality profile and creates a personalized email template that will elicit the best response. Crystal also advises on language to use, offers phrasing suggestions, and has ready-to-use templates.


Known as the Slack bot of Salesforce, Troops automates a sales rep’s workflow, making it more efficient. It is a cross-functional system that aligns plans with other relevant departments like marketing and product development to add additional communication and planning to everyone’s daily routine. It pulls information from Salesforce helping to centralize all that information for sales reps into one spot.Bonus - there’s no coding required! Troops can create reports, dashboards, and alerts to keep the whole team in the loop in real-time.


For B2B sales companies that depend greatly on telecoms, TalkIQ integrates with business phones to analyze calls between sales reps and customers. It helps to identify key differences in the approach and assesses the effectiveness of the sales tactics used. TalkIQ is a great tool to use to help measure KPIs and sales tactics and to determine what works best for your team.

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