5 Ways A Cash-Strapped “Tin Foil” Sponsor Can Stand Out At Dreamforce

August 20, 2015 Sam Laber

So last week, we inked the deal on the coveted Dreamforce “Tin Foil” sponsorship. While the perks are unequivocally priceless, it seems that securing the sponsorship has left us pretty strapped for cash. But fear not Datanyze faithful! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s a large tech event, there’s dozens of superfluous branding campaigns and botched publicity stunts to follow! Here are a few ideas the Datanyze crew has been tossing around. Pretty sure we’re on the right track.

Idea 1: Scale the new Salesforce tower and hang a Datanyze banner

I know what you’re thinking: How are you going to make sure the banner stays level? That’s a good question and one we’re still trying to answer. We’ve got the climbing part down thanks to a very detailed WikiHow entry, but we’ll need some fresh ideas on how to combat the San Francisco fog, fend off stray paragliders, and elude the Salesforce secret service who will undoubtedly be called upon to remove the banner.

Idea 2: Sponsor a parkour contest at a titanium sponsor’s booth

Parkour may not be as cool as it was a few years ago, but with elaborate booth setups like this, we’re pretty certain we can bring it back. Looking at the architecture, there’s a pretty obvious cat leap opportunity from the lower beam to the back-right wall. From there, you could probably pull off a “swing through” maneuver using the middle vertical beam and land gracefully on the little box at the bottom. Sky’s the limit.

Idea 3: Sponsor the dancing highway overpass guy

If you live in the Bay Area and commute on highway 101, you’ve probably seen this guy (Javonne Hatfield) tearing it up on an overpass right before you hit the city. He usually waves a big red heart around, attracting honks and waves from commuters as they try to forget how long they’ve been in traffic.

Javonne – in the off chance that you read the Datanyze blog, could you swap out the heart and get down with a Datanyze sign for a day? Message us for details.

Idea 4: Offer semi-professional caricatures

Hiring a professional caricaturist can cost up to $100/hour, which stretches us far beyond our means. Instead, we plan to offer a semi-professional caricaturist who will draw anyone that walks by our booth for free. We figure whatever this person lacks in quality, he’ll quickly make up for in quantity and price. Or perhaps we could afford to hire this guy, who also writes an authentic apology note to excuse his subpar drawings.

Idea 5: Organize a Whip Nae Nae flash mob

One of the best perks of Dreamforce is that you can get in for free, so why not invite the Datanyze extended family (everyone outside Moscone or at one of the four nearby Starbucks) to carry out a flash mob? We’re pretty well versed at the Whip / Nae Nae combo, so maybe we can convince Steph Curry to bring his daughter to lead the charge.

Idea 6: Throw an awesome party (this one’s real)

So we probably won’t be pulling any of these ridiculous stunts during Dreamforce, but we will be hosting a pretty awesome happy hour after the expo closes on Tuesday, September 15th. The sign up list is filling up pretty fast, so if you want to stop by, make sure you register today. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Sam Laber

Sam is the director of marketing at Datanyze. He's a big John Hughes fan who occasionally fills the DZ office with the sweet sweet sounds of 90s rock giant, Creed.

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