5 Selling Techniques to Help You Become a Better Salesperson

August 16, 2018 Ryan Bronson

Every salesperson knows how hard and time-consuming the process of developing effective sales techniques can be. So, if you are interested in sales process optimization and invention of new tricks that would allow you to generate more leads, you came to the right place. Here is a list of five sales techniques that will help you become a better salesperson.

1. Examine the Market 

As a salesperson, you have to do serious research on potential clients and understand their needs. For instance, you can read top blogs and publications in order to be aware of any industry changes that are coming around the corner. Keeping up and being part of those changes can keep you competitive. Another important thing to research and understand is your competitors. Who is their target audience? How does your product differ from theirs? How are they selling it? Define areas for improvement and do something different.

If you need a jumpstart for this process, you can seek unbiased feedback from a third party. An independent third party will give you an outside opinion on the weak points in your company’s sales process. 

Pro tip: Want an easy way to examine the market? Market Share from Datanyze gives you accurate and up-to-date info and insights on industry trends, key competitors, and more for popular tech categories. 

2. Ask for Referrals

Almost 70% of salespeople don’t ask for customer referrals. Some are too afraid to ask while others falsely think that asking for referrals is an old-school technique. A typical closing rate for an inbound lead is 15-30%, whereas for leads who have been strongly referred by a customer the close rates are upwards of 80%. It’s a simple technique but can be very effective (especially when coupled with other sales techniques). 

3. Schedule Your Next Meeting Then and There

Ending a meeting with prospects by saying they should expect to hear from you in a couple of days is not a good strategy. Once you end the meeting the prospect will go back to other tasks, meaning you are already off the prospect’s priority list. So the next time you have a sales meeting, schedule the next one while you are still with the prospect. Keeping the forward momentum makes it much more likely that you will close the deal. Remember, that every second you wait before calling your prospect may result in a decrease of their interest level.

4. Talk Up the Benefits

Prospects are probably not interested in listening to you talk only about the features of your product. They really want to know how your product is going to solve a problem. Before the next sales pitch or meeting, think about how your product’s features can benefit a potential customer. Good salespeople ask prospects questions before they talk, so you’ll know which benefits of the product would match the prospect’s needs. For instance, you can start with a question such as, ‘what issues do you need your next CRM* to solve?’ and turn your product’s features into a benefit that is important to your customer.

*Or whatever your product is. 

5. Contact Prospects at the Right Time  

When is the best time to contact a prospect? The Lead Response Management Study found that a potential client might be in a better mood early in the morning or late in the afternoon (and may be more receptive to speaking with you when they are in a good mood). Therefore, salespeople should call prospects between 8am and 9am or between 4pm and 5pm (the worst time is from 1pm to 2pm). This time is more convenient for your buyers. Does the day of the week matter? The study also found that the best days to call prospects are Wednesdays and Thursdays (Tuesday is the worst). 

It can take years of practice to become an expert in sales. However, these 5 sales techniques can help you sharpen your skills and become a better salesperson in no time. 

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