5 Digital Marketing Strategies that Involve SaaS Solutions

May 29, 2018 Chloe Smith


Top-shelf business-oriented software has traditionally been accessible only to larger companies due to prohibitive costs. Smaller businesses had to stick with older versions, find open-source alternatives, or eschew using specialized software all-together. More recently, however, new models of software distribution such as SaaS have made it possible for companies of all sizes to use cutting-edge software solutions at an accessible price point.

Digital marketers have benefited from the wider accessibility of SaaS solutions. Many marketing strategies are greatly enhanced through the use of SaaS applications, and some are even entirely reliant on them in order to work. Here are 5 such strategies that digital marketers have been successfully using SaaS for in recent years.

Data-Driven Marketing

Digital marketing relies on data for the creation of effective promotional material. To gather this data, digital marketers can use a number of different software suites. One that everyone has likely used at some point is Google Analytics

The Audience section within Google Analytics provides information about the gender, age, location, and interests of visitors to your website. This allows you to craft a more customized site experience for your audience, which will keep them returning to your site. The Acquisition gives you insights about the channels through which people arrive at your website, such as search engines or social media sites. This will allow you to see which channels are driving the most traffic to your site. Analyzing the power of different channels will help you decide on which to focus more resources and efforts. The Behavior section provides information on how visitors interact with your website. For example, you can determine what type of content your website visitors find the most valuable (and what content they don’t like, too, through bounce and exit rates). You can then use this info as a guide for deciding on content topics and page types. When used together, the insights uncovered can help you make smart marketing decisions regarding type, tone, and placement of content on your website. (You could also use this information to create promotional materials for other channels as well.) 

Social Media Marketing Optimization

While many online social networks started as place for people to congregate and share their opinions on various topics, nowadays platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn serve as vectors for disseminating marketing content. To leverage social media for digital marketing purposes, it is important to keep track of various trends, most notably what kind of content is being shared the most. 

Sydney SEO experts recommend using an SaaS application such as BuzzSumo for social media data collection and analysis. BuzzSumo offers insights about search content engagement for a given interval, search social backlinks, content curation, and the ability to view content sharing across multiple social media platforms.

Content Scheduling

Digital marketing is ultimately about content. Quality content is essential for ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. Content is what keeps consumers interested and engaged with a specific brand. However, content means more than just creating something of value. Knowing when to publish content is as important as having something good to publish.

Creating and maintaining a content release schedule can be made easier through SaaS applications such as HootSuite. This software suite gives digital marketers the ability to schedule Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts ahead of time, which makes managing social media content marketing campaigns much easier.

Audience Segmentation

A successful digital marketing campaign requires both knowing who to target as well as who not to target. After all, marketing has its limitations – there are individuals who won't respond even to your best efforts. Identifying your target audience necessitates a detailed analysis of the online consumer market. This process can be made more efficient through the use of analytics tools specifically designed for tracking consumer behavior online.

Datanyze offers a comprehensive suite of tools for predictive analytics, prospecting, and data enrichment, in a convenient SaaS format. Datanyze's predictive analytics software examines your high-profile customers, identifies their shared characteristics, and then identities prospects similar to your best customers. The prospecting tool can then identify and segment potential customers and find their contact information. Finally, Datanyze's data enrichment tool can enrich your existing data on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, providing your sales team with additional accurate and actionable insights. 

Multi-Channel Targeting

In order for a marketing strategy to be truly effective at converting people, it has to be more than a simple collection of various promotional methods and tactics. SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, and other digital marketing approaches should not be applied in isolation, but rather as elements of a synchronized marketing effort. Only through combining market research, content creation, and data-based predictions will a marketing campaign reach its potential.

It is therefore often helpful to have a software hub manage your whole digital marketing plan. HubSpot is the most commonly used, all-in-one, SaaS digital marketing solution. It has features for managing practically all aspects of digital marketing, including blogging, SEO, analytics, A/B testing, email marketing, and much more.


With the right tools, any digital marketing strategy can be significantly improved. SaaS applications, such as the ones we have outlined above, offer companies of all sizes a convenient way to manage their marketing operations. 

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