We’ve Just Added 4,000+ New Technologies to Our Database

August 14, 2014 Ilya Semin

This week, we’re excited to announce the addition of over 4,000 new technologies to our tracking list through a recent partnership with HG Data.

As a result of the partnership, Datanyze can now track categories of technologies and systems that cannot be found solely by crawling a website: CRMs, Enterprise Applications, Data Center Solutions, ERPs, Project Management Software, IT Governance and Hardware to name a few.

How can I access this data?

These additional technologies are currently available as an add-on for our existing customers and can be accessed via the Performance package for new customers. Feel free to get in touch with questions about tracking a particular technology or for inquiries regarding pricing plans.

Why did we do this?

As is often the case, the HG Data partnership came from listening to the needs of our customers, many of whom were interested in tracking technologies that cannot be found by looking at websites.

To give a brief explanation, the Datanyze web crawler looks through a number of data points (bits of code, fragments of javascript, embeds, CSS, etc.) to reveal what technologies a company is using. HG Data’s tool also identifies what technologies a company is using, but uncovers a different group of technologies by looking through various unstructured data points found in things like social media pages, press releases, job postings and case studies.

By combining these two tracking methodologies, Datanyze can now aggregate and serve data on thousands of new technologies, while providing additional data sources on the technologies we already track.

Featured Image Source: Social Media Manager Online Organization Embassies by geralt CC0 Pixabay

About the Author

Ilya Semin

Ilya is the founder and CEO of Datanyze. During the week, Ilya leads the management team in shaping the overall vision, culture and strategy of Datanyze. On weekends, Ilya puts on his developer hat and has been known to build game-changing new products by Monday morning.

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