4 CRM Hacks That Lead to Smarter, Faster Selling

July 9, 2018 Tom Cox

A B2B salesperson may often view a CRM as just another tool that they have to keep on top of. But in fact, if used correctly, a CRM is one of the only tools a salesperson will need. 

However, I can empathize as to why salespeople are afraid of wasted time. 27% of salespeople say they spend over an hour of critical time a day on data entry work instead of selling. 

Image Source: An Average Day for a Salesperson by Hubspot Hubspot Sales Survey Q1 2017

In Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2018 report, 48% of respondents also said that improving the efficiency of the sales funnel was their top sales priority for the next year. 

Proper use of a powerful CRM can be the solution, reducing admin time and improve pipeline efficiency, among other advantages. Read on to learn more about the biggest sales hacks when using a CRM. 

Contextualize Your Outreach

In the same State of Inbound 2018 report, 40% of respondents said it’s harder to get a response from prospects now than 2 to 3 years ago. However, 74% of buyers say they feel frustrated with companies that fail to personalize content. 

Using personalization to your advantage is a huge benefit of using a CRM system, as it tracks a prospect’s journey across your entire website. A salesperson can therefore see the entire viewing history of a prospect across the website, and use this information to personalize their next outreach opportunity. 

A couple of ideas to leverage this information include setting up an automated email that gets triggered every time a lead visits a particular page, offering a piece of valuable content related to the page topic. Or, you can send an email that says ‘Hey, I see you downloaded this guide, so I thought you’d be interested in this useful webinar on the same topic.’  

Prospects can smell a pushy salesperson from a mile off, but if you provide the right content within the right context with the help of your CRM, your helpful approach will garner respect and further familiarity with your brand. 

Make Sure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Most sales professionals make between six and 10 attempts before giving up on a prospect. But abandoning prospects too soon, or not contacting them at all, is also something salespeople should be keen to avoid. 

This is very liable to happen if you’re using spreadsheets and emails to pass leads and prospects back and forth. 

A CRM system not only gives you full visibility of your prospect’s contact with your company, but a modern CRM can also set reminders and tasks to follow up. This automated approach buys time and also ensures you’re not missing out on anyone. Set it and forget it!

Reduce Data Entry 

As mentioned in the intro, data entry can be a significant time-waster during the sales process, and is one of the many non-sales activities that can eat into a salesperson’s valuable work hours. 

With Datanyze Data Enrichment, your CRM (including Hubspot and Salesforce) is enhanced with accurate, real-time information, including technographic and firmographic data. This data is continuously updated, providing you and your team with important insights so you can have more personalized conversations with prospects. This means less time researching and entering data and more time selling! It doesn't get any easier than that!

One Stop Shop for All Your Content

According to further Hubspot research, only 20% of salespeople actually use content to engage prospects and clients. I think that as long as you have sufficient data to personalize sales outreach to your customer, you should be adding value by sending them brilliant content such as blogs, guides, and demos. 

However, sales reps can spend significant time searching for, perhaps even creating, this content. But changes are, your marketing team will already have such resources at their disposal.

A powerful CRM enables you to keep all these files and content types in one place, meaning a quick search is all it takes to add additional value for your prospect. Need the latest demo deck or case study? No need to go searching through your documents or drives - just grab it from the CRM. 

Aligning sales and marketing to ensure they’re working together to provide potential buyers with the right content at the right time is essential, and a strong reason why a powerful CRM will help you save time and add value to your buyer. 

Smarter, Faster Selling

With a powerful CRM at your disposal, salespeople can save time, deliver much-needed personalization, and offer valuable content to your prospects. 

If you’re just starting out with a CRM or considering one as part of your sales strategy, take a look at the definitive guide to better, faster selling to implement more CRM best practice tips, and boost your long-term sales performance.

Featured Image Source: CRM Customer relationship management concept. Customer service and relationship by Wright Studio Shutterstock 

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