Getting Started with the Datanyze Chrome Extension

December 7, 2016 Sam Laber

Datanyze Insider is a powerful research and prospecting tool used by over 40,000 sales and marketing professionals. Regardless of how you're using the extension, this article will help you get the most out of all its features.

Feature Overview

Datanyze Insider breaks down into four main components, pictured below. The Prospecting Window, made up of the Firmographics and Technographics Panels, are what will be displayed each time you click on the Datanyze icon in the upper righthand corner of your Chrome browser. The Alerts Bubble will be hidden by default, but can be activated via the Settings tab (marked #5) in the Prospecting Window. The Email Finder will also be hidden by default, but can be accessed by highlighting your contact's name on any website. More information below.

Firmographics Panel Technographics Panel Email Finder


Alert Bubble


Prospecting Window

Most features are located within the Prospecting Window. Here is a brief description of each, organized using the red numbers on the above image.

  1. FirmographicsClicking this icon will show you firmographic data for the company that owns the website you're on
  2. Technographics: Clicking this icon will show you the list of categorized technologies being used across the website
  3. Salesforce: Clicking this icon will export the website you're browsing as an account in Salesforce. If you haven't set up the Salesforce integration, it will prompt you to do so.
  4. Support: Use this icon to access our support library. This includes several troubleshooting articles for account management and sign up.
  5. Settings: Clicking the gear icon will take you to our settings tab. Here, you can customize the technologies and categories that will be displayed in the window. You can also activate the Alerts Bubble and configure any Tags that you have created within Datanyze.
  6. Domain/URL: This will show you domain/URL of the current site you're browsing. All data collected in the window will pertain to this website and the affiliated company.
  7. Social Profiles: If the affiliated company is active on social, the extension will provide direct links to these profiles.
  8. Company HighlightsIf the website is owned by a specific company, the extension will highlight a few data points on it, including Revenue, Size, Alexa Rank and funding (if applicable).
  9. Tags: Users can elect to "tag" certain domains of interest. Use Tags to stay organized by marking things like target accounts, current customers and more. For Salesforce Integration customers, Datanyze will automatically mark all websites in your Salesforce as #SFDC to avoid double prospecting.
  10. Technology Categories: Datanyze captures adoption data on over 70 technology categories. We organize our technologies by category to give you a high-level overview of each website. Click the category to expand the list and the extension will remember your setup whenever you're browsing.
  11. Technologies: Most customers use the extension to understand which technologies a website is using. Users can choose to display or hide certain technologies or categories under the Settings tab.
  12. Live Indicator: The eyeball icon shows whether or not we see a technology on that specific webpage (e.g. at that moment. We use a number of methods to determine the presence of a technology, so don't be alarmed if you don't see an eyeball next to your technology.

Alerts Bubble

If you know which technologies are important to you, we highly recommend setting up the Alerts Bubble to automatically display them without summoning the Prospecting Window. The activate this feature, click on the Datanyze icon and, via the Prospecting Window, click the gear icon. Select "on". You can also customize how long the pop-up stays on your screen and where it first appears in the browser window.

By default, the Alerts Bubble will also display Tags you've added to a particular website. This can help you quickly identify whether or not this account is in your Salesforce or in someone else's prospect list. You can access your Tags here.

Email Finder

Once you've done your research and decided that an account is worth pursuing, you may want to check out our Email Finder. You can bring up the Email Finder by highlighting your contact's full name on any website and right clicking.

Once summoned, Datanyze will automatically populate their first name, last name and the website you're browsing (e.g. Ilya + Semin + and use these inputs to find their email address.

Once found, you can do a few things with your new contact. Clicking the Datanyze icon (marked as #11) will export this contact (with title and social profiles) to our People tab, where you can add them to a prospect list. Clicking the Salesforce icon (marked as #12) will export this contact to Salesforce and create a new lead or contact based on how you've configured the integration. Clicking the LinkedIn icon (marked as #13) will take you to this contact's professional profile, where you can learn more about their skills and experience.

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