5 Ways To Use The Datanyze API

January 17, 2017 Jon Hearty

The Datanyze API is now free (up to 100 calls per month) for all of Datanyze's paying customers, so we wanted to give you a handful of ideas that will allow you to leverage it to change the game for your sales and marketing processes. You can read our API documentation for more details on the API itself, but check out the ideas below for some inspiration!

1. Enrich Leads in Marketo

Most of Datanyze's customers have been syncing our data to their CRM for some time using our Salesforce and HubSpot integrations, allowing them to power custom reporting, account prioritization and even churn-killing customer success initiatives.

With Datanyze's new Marketo webhook, however, an entirely new wave of possibilities is now empowering our customer's marketing teams. After setting up the Marketo webhook, our customers have been getting creative with their approaches by:

  • Putting their prospects on technology-specific drip campaigns. Don't hit all of your prospects with the same messaging. If Datanyze shows you that your prospect started using your top competitor 9 months ago and is likely starting to think about the renewal, send them content that specifically names the competitor and addresses your top differentiators.
  • Scoring leads based on our technographic and firmographic data. Gone are the days of only using behavioral data like white paper downloads and website visits to score your leads. If a prospect uses one or more technologies that you integrate with, you should likely score this lead higher and prioritize it over those who don't. 

2. Append data to website forms

Forms on your website can provide a high volume of quality leads, but they rarely provide enough information to do a lot of damage with. Rather than trying to ask the prospect themselves to hand over more information about their company, why not have Datanyze do the heavy lifting for you? By passing the domain from the prospect's business email to the Datanyze API, you can not only access Datanyze's firmographic data for the company like revenue and location, but also technographic information like if they use Marketo or if they recently dropped a technology you compete with.

Once you know more about your prospect's company, you can do things like:

  • Route it to the right rep and arm them with data they can use to send a highly-personalized message
  • Automate a customized response based on the website's Alexa rank, the company's industry, or the technologies they use or recently added/dropped

3. Personalize web content by visitors' tech stack

If you're already leveraging Datanyze to enrich leads you've already captured, you might be curious as to how you can introduce the same level of targeting and customization to an earlier part of the marketing funnel. Why show a Marketo user your integration for HubSpot? Why show a small business your enterprise offering? Using a website personalization solution like Evergage, Datanyze users can ensure that visitors to their website are shown content that aligns with the technologies they use and the characteristics of their business. Here are a few examples:

  • Show specific case studies. Without a doubt, case studies are valuable pieces of content that can paint a clear picture of how your product or service has worked for your customers. The problem, however, is that each case study is not relevant for everyone. Using Datanyze data, marketing teams are ensuring that prospects see only the most relevant case studies.
  • Highlight plans and pricing options that resonate with the prospect. Buyers are funny. Sometimes an expensive price tag can scare them away with sticker shock. Other times a low price tag can lead them to believe that the company isn't enterprise-ready. Either way, it's advantageous to show them what they want to see and leave the rest out.

4. Integrate Datanyze with HipChat or Slack

Company employees are spending less and less time in their email inboxes and more and more time in messaging apps like Slack and HipChat. Additionally, thanks to webhooks, these platforms have evolved from offering simple messaging to housing critical customer-centric notifications for things like payments, form submits, and in-app actions.

By pulling in Datanyze's technographic and firmpgraphic data into your messaging platform, you can expose Datanyze data to your entire organization to allow them to quickly act on high-priority situations.

5. Retargeting with technographics

While only a handful of Datanyze customers have started retargeting ads based on our technology data, all have seen enormous upticks in click-through rates and ROI. Serving ads to prospects can be fruitful in and of itself, however crafting customized ad copy based on the prospect's technology stack can make them 5X more likely to actually click the ad and end up on your technology-specific landing page.

Bonus: Add data to any system (CRM/MA) we don't directly integrate with

The possibilities for using our data are certainly endless. Hopefully your wheels are already turning from the ideas in this post, but the use cases don't stop with these examples. Using our API, you can grab our data and put it into any system you need, wether it's a CRM, a marketing automation solution, or something else.

Have any success stories about how you've leveraged our data in creative ways? Shoot us a note -- we'd love to hear about it!

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