Taking Advantage of Daily Technology Changes with Datanyze Alerts

January 5, 2017 Jon Hearty

By crawling the web daily, Datanyze is able to tell you not only which technologies a website is using, but also when those technologies were added and dropped. This time-sensitive data can be used to reach out to a prospect who just started or stopped using a particular software provider, giving you the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. These alerts can be accessed within the Datanyze web app, via Salesforce, or in a daily email. Here is a short video to help you get started:

There are numerous ways that Datanyze Alerts can be leveraged. Here are some of the most common ways Datanyze customers are taking advantage of them:

1. Lead routing
Not all leads are equal, so it often makes sense to make sure the right rep is working the right lead at the right time. With the Datanyze Alerts custom object in Salesforce combined with a lead routing tool like LeanData, you can ensure that if a target account just added a competitor's software, your best rep who is most suited to fight the competition gets the lead.

2. Lead scoring
Many marketers are already using behavioral data -- website visits, white paper downloads, newsletter signups, etc. -- to score their leads. While adding Datanyze's technographic data to a lead scoring system can be a huge win in and of itself, layering on the time-sensitive nature of Alerts can ensure that the best opportunities don't slip through the cracks.

3. Email marketing campaigns
With the amount of emails people receive these days, it's imperative to make sure your marketing content is highly targeted. If it's obvious that your message is generic and not specifically relevant to the reader, you'll be lucky if they even open it. Datanyze power users have seen immediate increases in open and reply rates by leveraging Alerts data along with a marketing automation solution like Marketo or HubSpot to trigger drip campaigns based specifically on a prospect recently adding or dropping a specific technology.

4. Outbound campaigns
Sometimes a good ol' fashioned marketing drip campaign just isn't enough and a cold, outbound email is the only play that will suffice. When this is the case, an add or drop from a Datanyze Alert can form the basis of an outbound sales campaign using an automation tool like Outreach, SalesLoft or PersistIQ.

5. Reducing churn
While most Datanyze users tend to focus initially on how to acquire new customers, some realize that one of the most valuable use cases can be churn prevention. Datanyze Alerts can help customer success teams by helping identify when high-priority accounts are adding a competitive technology while still under contract, leading to proactively addressing their concerns rather than reacting to a request for cancellation.

Setting Up Alerts

In order for Datanyze to know which technologies to alert you on, you'll need to set up your alerts in the 'Alerts' section of your settings page. Simply select the technologies that you want add and drop data for and click 'Add for tracking'.

You'll now be able to access your alerts by clicking on the 'Alerts' link in the left navigation menu.

Sometimes you may not need technology alerts for all websites, but rather a sub-section of them based on geography (is it part of your territory?) or Alexa rank (is it worth your time?). Luckily Datanyze Alerts can be filtered easily within your Alerts Settings. Just choose the parameters you'd like to filter your Alerts by, click 'Save filters' and you will only see websites that meet your criteria.

In order to make it as easy as possible for users to access alert information, Datanyze can provide a summary of daily Alerts via email by selecting the checkbox at the bottom of your Alert Settings and clicking 'Update'.

Pushing Alerts to Other Systems

In addition to the web app and via email, Datanyze Alerts can be accessed from a number of different platforms.

Datanyze offers a custom object in Salesforce called 'Datanyze Alerts' that can help bring the power of Datanyze Alerts into your Salesforce instance. By adding the custom object, users can easily run reports, power campaigns, etc. with Datanyze's time-sensitive alert data.

Datanyze API
Alert data is also available through the standard Datanyze API -- click here to see the documentation.

Marketo Webhook
Datanyze's Alerts data is also available through the Marketo Webhook (currently in beta). For more information on setting this up, check out the instructions.

When to Use Alerts

Now that you know how to easily set up and configure your Datanyze Alerts, it's time to think about some effective ways to use them. To make things easy, check out a few sample uses cases below.

1. Entering Evaluations
If you know your competitor offers, for example, a 7 or 30-day free trial, Datanyze Alerts can provide a HUGE opportunity to inject yourself into the evaluation. Not only does it help you reach out to the right company at the right time, but also it allows you to leverage the technology add in your outreach by saying something like this:

"Hi there! I see that you just started checking out <Competitor A> a few days ago. We are better/faster/stronger at providing X, Y and Z -- is there someone there that might be interested in adding <My Company> to the evaluation?"

2. Integration Plays
If you integrate with a technology, is it best to reach out to a prospect just after they've installed it? If so, leveraging Datanyze Alerts for integration plays can help you get your foot in the door at the perfect time. For instance, if I offer an application that is built on top of Google Apps and I know that my best chance of adoption is while they're configuring things, I'll make sure to reach out everyday to the list of websites that Datanyze Alerts show as having added Google Apps.

3. Competitive Takeaways
Sometimes the best time to talk to a prospect is when they've had a bad experience with your competitor and stopped using their service. By utilizing Datanyze's data on which websites are dropping a technology, you can offer your prospect a proverbial breath mint to remedy the bad taste your competitor left in their mouth.

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