12 Targeting Reports Everyone Should Try

November 10, 2016 Sam Laber

If you haven't tried it yet, Datanyze Targeting is a powerful feature that lets you build custom account lists based on a variety of criteria. Here is a quick video tutorial to refresh your memory.


With so many filters to choose from, we wanted to simplify things and show you some popular Targeting reports across our customer base. Enjoy!


1. Dropped a competitor's solution

Let's start with one of our most popular reports. Everyone's got competition. If Datanyze is able to track one of your competitors, we recommend creating a monthly report to single out accounts that have recently dropped their product. 

Technologies >> Dropped >> [Competitor's product] >> Last Month

If you sell to specific territories or verticals, you can filter the results by data points like industry or location. If you plan on viewing this report every month (we highly recommend this) be sure to click "Save Report" above the results tab.


2. Coming up for renewal with competitor

Do your competitors sell annual contracts? Targeting can also help you find accounts that are only a month or two away from renewing a competitive solution. This report works great for targeting these prospects and making a timely approach.

Technologies >> Added >> [Competitor's product] >> Select dates

For this report, you'll want to select a date range that gives you enough time to win the ensuing evaluation process. If your sales cycle is typically 60 days, you'll want look for accounts that added your competitor's product 9-10 months ago. This will ensure that you have enough time to make your case and close the deal. 

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3. Added a complementary product

Technology doesn't operate in a vacuum. Oftentimes, you'll benefit from pursuing accounts that use complementary technologies. These could be technologies your product integrates with, or any other solutions that are highly correlated.

Technologies >> Added >> [Complementary product]  >> Past Month

Not sure which technologies to choose for this report? Visit the "Correlations" tab for your technology, and let us find the technologies for you (e.g. for Wordpress).


4. Not in Salesforce

If you've connected Datanyze to your Salesforce instance, you'll be able to do some pretty neat things. For starters, lots of customers like to create and save a "white space" report that identifies all accounts that have not been prospected yet. Here is an example report from a company that sells to e-commerce.

-Domain >> Tag >> None of the following >> SFDC
-Technologies >> Currently use >> One of the following >> E-Commerce Platforms - Select all

Interested in our Salesforce integration? Ask your CSM! Here's a short deck that explains the features. 


5. Recently untouched accounts

Already got your "white space" report? Salesforce integration users can also build a report that singles out all accounts that haven't been touched recently.

Misc >> Salesforce Last Contacted >> Not between >> Last Quarter

This is a great way to make sure you're on top of your territory. You can't win a prospect's business if you don't try!


6. Grade "A" accounts using a certain technology

For Datanyze Predict customers, Datanyze gives you the ability to filter the results of your predictive models by Targeting parameters. For example, if you wanted to take all "A" grade accounts and single out only the ones using a competitor's product, you might create something like this:

Misc >> Prediction Model >> [Select Model] >> A
Technologies >> Currently Use >> One of the following >> [Competitor's product]

Interested in using predictive analytics to score your accounts and find net-new? Talk to your CSM today!

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7. Visited my website AND in my territory

Got a lot of prospects visiting your website? Want to make sure sales is taking advantage of all the traffic being driven by content marketing? Combining our Visitor Analytics solution with Targeting lets you do just that. Here's a great report for singling out prospects in your territory that have recently visited your website.

-Misc >> Visited >> [yourwebsite.com - Select all] >> Past Week
-Location >> US State >> [Your territory]

Territory outside the US? No problem. In addition to our "Country" filter, we give you the option to segment results by Canadian Province or UK Post Code.


8. Small companies with big technology budgets

When you sell to SMB and mid-market, it can be hard to distinguish accounts that invest heavily in technology from those that do not. Luckily, there's a Targeting report for that -- here's what we suggest.

-Company >> Number of Employees >> One of the following >> 0-25, 25-100
-Domain >> Monthly Technology Spend >> None of the following >> $0-1K, $1K-5K

To narrow the results a bit further, consider filtering by a certain technology category or industry vertical.


9. No solution in place

Let's say you sell a certain type of software that, once implemented, customers rarely rip out due to high switching costs. In this case, you may want to look for accounts that currently don't have a solution in place, so you can beat your competitors to the punch.

Technologies >> Currently Use >> None of the following >> [Technology category]

This report works well for technology categories like CRM and marketing automation, which require a lot of work to replace. It pays to be first!


10. Frequently installed mobile apps with a certain SDK

For our Datanyze Mobile customers, it pays to know which mobile technologies or "SDKs" an app is using to power its app. Let's say you're looking at frequently installed mobile apps that currently use a mobile marketing automation solution. You might run a report like the following:

-SDKs >> Currently Use >> One of the following >> Marketing Automation - Select all
-App >> Install Range >> One of the following >> 500M-1B, 1B-5B

Interested in learning more about our Mobile Targeting product? Contact your CSM!


11. Quickly growing websites

For customers in the website infrastructure space (CDN, Load Balancers, Performance Monitoring), you may want to look for accounts that recently experienced a jump in traffic. Oftentimes, these companies will require extra support and maybe even look to upgrade their stack to service the influx of traffic.

Domain >> Alexa Rank Change >> Last week by at least >> 10000

Along similar lines, Datanyze also offers the "Speed Test" filter. This will look for companies that have recently run a speed performance test on their website. These accounts are great fits for website infrastructure providers, because they are constantly monitoring the speed and quality of their website.


12. Keyword search for niche markets

By default, Datanyze offers the "Industry" filter to help you filter reports by popular company industries. If your market it a bit more niche, you may want to check out our "Keywords" filter to find accounts in smaller industries. For example, if you sell to casinos, you may want to build the following Targeting report:

Domain >> Keywords >> Includes >> Casino, Gambling

The keywords filter is also a great way to broaden your search query if you aren't finding the results you need in a particular market.


Have other reports?

We'd love to learn what reports you use to find your addressable market and hone sales efforts.

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